20 important collocations for speaking and writing- MQSinfo.com

20 important collocations for speaking and writing- MQSinfo.com

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1. Make an effort: You need to make an effort to succeed in your studies.

2. Take a chance: I decided to start my own business.

3. Draw attention: The bright colors of the painting draw attention to the focal point.

4. Meet expectations: The product needed to meet expectations.

5. Pay tribute: The ceremony was held to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers.

6. Raise awareness: The charity aims to raise awareness of environmental issues.

7. Pose a threat: The new virus strain may pose a threat to public health.

8. Cast doubt: His inconsistent statements cast doubt on his innocence.

9. Strike a balance: It's essential to strike a balance between work and personal life.

10. Take into account: When making a decision, we must take all factors into account.

11. Play a crucial role: Good communication plays a crucial role in team success.

12. Make progress: Our team has made significant progress in the project.

13. Combat stress: Yoga and meditation can help combat stress and anxiety.

14. Lose sight: Keep sight of your goals, even when facing challenges.

15. Hold responsible: The company is held responsible for the environmental damage.

16. Break the ice: The team-building activities helped break the ice among new employees.

17. Bear in mind: Bear in mind that the deadline is approaching.

18. Strike a deal: The two companies managed to strike a deal after weeks of negotiation.

19. Give rise: The interesting science facts that nobody knows new policy gave rise to heated debates among the staff.

20. Wage a campaign: The organization is waging a campaign to end poverty in the region.

Using these collocations will help you express yourself more fluently and naturally in both speaking and writing contexts.

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